PMC Aqua package 10ml


  • Extend the working time of your PMC clay and bring back to its optimal pliability.
  • Make super flexible clay by adding PMC Aqua to PMC Flex
  • Make flexible clay to extrude into wire threads
  • Create thin, pliable sheets (0.2mm)

PMC Aqua Technical Information

New Aqua solution is formulated to recondition PMC when you need to make PMC clay more flexible. It only takes a few drops to get the clay into this flexible condition—making it easier to manipulate. Each jar contains 10ml of liquid renewing solution.

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PMC Aqua is available in a 10 ml package.


  • Size: 10ml
  • Brand: PMC®
  • Form: Liquid
  • Country of origin: Japan


Additional Specifications:
  • Color: Translucent
Physical Properties:
 liquid solution


Please Note:
  • Add only a few drops to renew the flexibility of PMC clay

How to Make a Good Thing Even better with PMC Aqua

1Extend your working time and rehydrate your PMC clay back to its optimal working condition with PMC Aqua. PMC can be reconstituted with water, but Aqua brings the clay back to its optimal pliability.

2PMC Aqua can also be used to recover pieces of PMC that are completely dry. Reduce the dry material to small pieces or powder, mix with Aqua, wrap tightly and allow to rest.

3Rehydrate all types PMC—including PMC+, PMC3, PMC Flex*, PMC 925 Sterling & PMC OneFire 950 Sterling—with PMC Aqua. *In addition, it can turn your PMC Flex into Super Flex (See INSTRUCTIONS tab for details).